Love Songs…For Miles

for Miles, I wander                            across notes that balance my colic disposition the distance from cortex to edge of an orchid petal miles             coveted by                            remembrance of soft nights, pondering over the now   Save



Soooo I've finally compiled my first chapbook.... I'm currently in the submission process so I can't give you everything... but I want to, i neeeed to share just a little.... Here's a little tease from the prose, "in these moments i remember" i write for her innocence the young-minded the faith-guided the loved and the... Continue Reading →

A Little Poetic Foolery…

​ There once was a sidewalk you could not walk on. Neither could you hop, skip and a jump along. It moved all by itself. There's no telling where it would go. It took you to places it chose. When its gears froze,It was less like a sidewalk and more like a shelf.

I’m baaaccckkk!

So I took a little sabbatical.... truth be told... I did not realize how long I've been gone.  Time flies when you've been writing. So look forward to poetic posts come heck or high water... great things to come in the next few months with God's grace and mercies, of course. Stay blessed ya'll (in... Continue Reading →

We’ll keep rising…

The heart creates a baseline to ride poetically... Flowing, flowing words in symmetry. As a whole the rhythm in all of this I see The irreplaceable, embraceable entity. Let's just hold on until His mission is complete. The kingdom we're building Made on the foundation of we. One day longer will make we stronger. Our... Continue Reading →

Shrouded in a bevy of blue …

Shrouded in a bevy of blue Stairwell chipped faded and Forgotten time spent nowhere In particular the hall's way Linger with lost souls Mine, no exception; if I came earlier maybe I would see Daunted fixtures; Walls breathing in rhythm Cascaded by chandelier light Green plaster now A tinge of blue by the deep long... Continue Reading →

Please Standby

There's been a shift in the solar system Stand down and ride the galactic prism The if and when of isms Holds power in their subjectivity The predicate moves forward activism with authenticity Truth lies when doubt rises through activity So merely Hold your horses and ....please ...standby Your thoughts can lead you to your... Continue Reading →

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