Love Songs…For Miles

for Miles, I wander

                           across notes that balance

my colic disposition

the distance from cortex to edge of an orchid petal


            coveted by

                           remembrance of soft nights, pondering over the now





Soooo I’ve finally compiled my first chapbook…. I’m currently in the submission process so I can’t give you everything… but I want to, i neeeed to share just a little….

Here’s a little tease from the prose, “in these moments i remember”

i write for her innocence

the young-minded

the faith-guided

the loved and the not so admired

i write for she

the wisdom of the women who came before me

for those who dream and those without dreams
i write for the souls that speak loud without uttering a sound

for those yet born, just born, and born long ago

i write for the girls




my daughter

and N’ylongo

i write song notes….

A Little Poetic Foolery…

There once was a sidewalk you could not walk on.
Neither could you hop, skip and a jump along.
It moved all by itself.
There’s no telling where it would go.
It took you to places it chose.
When its gears froze,It was less like a sidewalk and more like a shelf.

I’m baaaccckkk!

So I took a little sabbatical…. truth be told… I did not realize how long I’ve been gone.  Time flies when you’ve been writing. So look forward to poetic posts come heck or high water… great things to come in the next few months with God’s grace and mercies, of course. Stay blessed ya’ll (in my Buena Vista, VA drawl). Peace. (–That’s the Jersey in me!) 🙂

You have a mission to fulfill, a destiny to seal…

In skinny jeans or flowing seams
You do more than make ends meet
They collide and over run, ri…de out into the sun
It’s not about your job or car
It is the fact that you made your childhood day-dream a reality
When you speak the stars the dance and that’s just a formality
You know that your walk is your best chance
So you strut, and I mean strut, not to gain attention simply but turn any rut you get into
into a pathway
A head full of curls or sleek with no signs of yesterday
You’ve run over a lifetime of second-guessers, style-hawkers and drama makers
With the life you bought and paid for
With the faith fought and prayed for
With the love you kept from turning into bitterness
When whoever did what they did when they happen to do it
On your timeline, during your life’s grind
So be it is what you live by
And let them try you In your clear stone bedazzled flats
and spiked heels and running shoes
You’re not chasing the blues
Blues has been chasing you for a long time
The problem…. They can’t get through your set mind
You have a mission to fulfill, a destiny to seal,
You “ain’t got” one moment to waste
Doing what you love will never be found in haste
Patience not only waits…it is steady
And not only have you been but you are ready
Believe it.


We’ll keep rising…

The heart
creates a baseline
to ride poetically…
Flowing, flowing words in symmetry.
As a whole
the rhythm in all of this
I see
The irreplaceable,
embraceable entity.
Let’s just hold on until His mission is complete.
The kingdom we’re building
Made on the foundation of we.
One day longer will make we stronger.
Our yesterday receding like the horizon.
We’ll keep rising…
Lifted by the crescendo of the melody.