in these moments i remember…

i write for her innocence the young-minded the faith-guided the loved and the not so admired i write for she the wisdom of the women who came before me for those who dream and those without dreams i write for the souls that speak loud without uttering a sound for those yet born, just born,... Continue Reading →


We are exactly…

…who we are Beautifully created Gracefully nurtured Made to be powerful To move this world forward We are human In all that it entails In our mistakes and in our successes In the mist of learning and in part our subsequent teaching Of these lessons We were made to be loving Because we could only... Continue Reading →


We are those who did not fall into the fold...Those who live in love...Those who see the lies once told We are those not live along color lines...Those who see brotherhood in magnitudes...Those...whose lives do not teeter on the cusp of have and have nots We are those who do not simply believe in... Continue Reading →


we may stumble, at times replenish oceans with our cries our tongue may speak lies when we say we're alright yet we will do it anyway     because we know we're on the way up lifted by grace; ascending through dark, damp caves formed as a trap, believe nothing will put out the light... Continue Reading →


​(Author's Note- This tale was inspired by a news story and written during the national observance of Domestic Violence month. My goal: to focus on the courage and strength of a woman who chooses to love herself first by walking away,) Bernice thought that humans should have two hearts just in case one broke. "But... Continue Reading →

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