Songs of the Spirit – “The Spirit of America”

  Perched firmly on stark tree limbs, Captured by all seasons' breezes, The melodies of birds, tunes and tweets Sing of journeys.   From simple acts of flight to tunneling migrations To a better existence, Navigating persistence On the wingspan of hope.   The deserts, the waters, the forests, We have all flown over. Our... Continue Reading →



​(Author's Note- This tale was inspired by a news story and written during the national observance of Domestic Violence month. My goal: to focus on the courage and strength of a woman who chooses to love herself first by walking away,) Bernice thought that humans should have two hearts just in case one broke. "But... Continue Reading →


I disagree with what most say. Love is not just love It can take you away...   ...on a moon beam or starship. On a sunray while you daydream... can take root and ground you. Love can make you stay...   ...the bridge between me and you, it can fill you full when... Continue Reading →

It’s Beautifully Obvious… I stumbled onto "His Love in Haiku (In Seven Days)." I simply, one day, decided to  challenge myself to experiment with the non-rhyming verse form, and the Haiku's limited 5-7-5 syllabic structure. See, obvious. The seasonal, weather --environmental references came first-- and, then, a good bit of my spiritual faith kicked in and the... Continue Reading →

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