sometimes, it is a face only a mother could love   it could be how petite the span of a nose is, it could be the distance between eyes, it could be the rise and fall of a hairline, the obtuse span of hips, derrière, the lack of length in a pair of legs, how... Continue Reading →



follow the edge of not too sure yet but it feels quite right      merge the verge of greatness  with action taken       invoke love in the        entanglement of motives and ideas    the not really all that complicated      juxtaposition of living out loud      it's time to enjoy a little     flamboyancy declare your devotion to the cause, dream,... Continue Reading →


…The One Who Has Been Moved Inspired To lead, To affect change, & To move The Rest Of Us Along. You've been called. Your soul, Heart, With every Thread Of Life, you Will answer. you Must heed To solve Disparity, Disillusion, Unnecessary death of breath, And The disruption of love. You've been chosen To uplift... Continue Reading →


​(Author's Note- This tale was inspired by a news story and written during the national observance of Domestic Violence month. My goal: to focus on the courage and strength of a woman who chooses to love herself first by walking away,) Bernice thought that humans should have two hearts just in case one broke. "But... Continue Reading →

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