the laughter (when the girls gather)

it started when…

i remembered my brassiere was too tight

i began to wiggle and pluck….

and so did my girl with bigger size cup, it was contagious so to speak

we all began to giggle ’til we almost peed

(because, heck, we’re over 40, and that may just happen)

we were laughing…. so hard

we forgot what kicked off the cacklin’…

one by one, we begin to catch our breath

soaked faces and tear-drenched napkins

(Collective breath) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

then, here she goes… (the one with the closet full of sport intimates)

“well, did you fix it?!”

…which sent us tumbling back into endless jest…

roaring happiness.




Bernice thought that humans should have two hearts just in case one broke.
“But there’s no room in the human body for two hearts,” said Alma. “We would adapt Bernice said. “I’m sure of it.”
“What would a human do with two hearts?”
“They would love longer. We would be at peace longer. We could love more deeply and more fully. There will be room for everyone to fit in,” said Bernice.
“See it as a backup. One part would feel pain or the anguish may even break it, but the other can be it’s Hope. It’s beating would encourage the first heart to try again, live again, love again. Period. Maybe we stay a part of this world longer. With both hearts together love would be limitless, more fully experience.”
“Think about it. If A zebra fish has a broken heart, it can just regrow one. This could save people a lifetime of heartache felt from being in line for heart transplant surgery and never getting one. It could save women from months of sappy, emotional Sunday night movies and pints of ice cream. It could save many from the desperation found at the bottom of an empty bottle because of love lost or never returned. Most of all, if could save someone like me.”
So you want to be a zebrafish now, Bernie.” said Alma.
“No. I know this is crazy talk. Call it just a fantasy of a girl who wishes not to die of heartache,” said Bernice.
Bernice loads the last box in her car and closes the hatchback. She hugs Alma as she clutches her bruised rib cage. The blood clot in her left eye stings a little.
“We do not have two hearts, Bernice.”
“Then I must make sure I take really good care of this one in the future.”
Bernice handed Alma an envelope with a penned heart over the closure and gave directions to make sure she left it where he would see it.


I disagree with what most say.

Love is not just love

It can take you away…


…on a moon beam or starship.

On a sunray while you daydream…


cups…it can take root

and ground you.

Love can make you stay…


…the bridge between me and you,

it can fill you full

when it’s true..


…it widens the heart,

unleashes you from your past

It lasts…


…and burrows deep into your soul.

It enlivens your spirit.

You can’t help but hear it…


…singing in soprano  notes and

in bass, when it’s low, slow

and mellow…


…if you have felt loved before then you know what I am saying

You know when you have Love;

You’re heart is never the same…


…the moments we number by the breathes we take;

we cherish those same moments when love takes our breath away…


There is no point in playing

when you could be, simply…

living in…Love.





Hump Day…Gotta Get Over

gotta get over

gotta get over


see, you can stick mondays

where the sun don’t shine

tuesdays can stand in line


but wednesdays, you gotta get over, over

to thursdays where you can see the light

of friday’s long, long nights


sleeping in on saturday mornings.

the afternoons are lazy

you become hazy on sunday, since monday’s soon after


you try not to think of things you must do, yet you still plan

or not to think of the things that will take you off your feet,

even though you still land


monday comes and you feel

like your drowning in quicksand

can’t envision friday for the sake of the tuesday at hand


when wednesday arrives again and you’re back where you started…

 you gotta get over, over, over

’cause, you know, getting on with life… just ain’t for the faint of heart

over, over, over…