I disagree with what most say.

Love is not just love

It can take you away…


…on a moon beam or starship.

On a sunray while you daydream…


cups…it can take root

and ground you.

Love can make you stay…


…the bridge between me and you,

it can fill you full

when it’s true..


…it widens the heart,

unleashes you from your past

It lasts…


…and burrows deep into your soul.

It enlivens your spirit.

You can’t help but hear it…


…singing in soprano  notes and

in bass, when it’s low, slow

and mellow…


…if you have felt loved before then you know what I am saying

You know when you have Love;

You’re heart is never the same…


…the moments we number by the breathes we take;

we cherish those same moments when love takes our breath away…


There is no point in playing

when you could be, simply…

living in…Love.






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