Hump Day…Gotta Get Over

gotta get over

gotta get over


see, you can stick mondays

where the sun don’t shine

tuesdays can stand in line


but wednesdays, you gotta get over, over

to thursdays where you can see the light

of friday’s long, long nights


sleeping in on saturday mornings.

the afternoons are lazy

you become hazy on sunday, since monday’s soon after


you try not to think of things you must do, yet you still plan

or not to think of the things that will take you off your feet,

even though you still land


monday comes and you feel

like your drowning in quicksand

can’t envision friday for the sake of the tuesday at hand


when wednesday arrives again and you’re back where you started…

 you gotta get over, over, over

’cause, you know, getting on with life… just ain’t for the faint of heart

over, over, over…


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