It’s Beautifully Obvious…

…how I stumbled onto “His Love in Haiku (In Seven Days).” I simply, one day, decided to  challenge myself to experiment with the non-rhyming verse form, and the Haiku’s limited 5-7-5 syllabic structure. See, obvious. The seasonal, weather –environmental references came first– and, then, a good bit of my spiritual faith kicked in and the “He” emerged. “His Love” is God’s love in all forms: hope, fury, mercy, grace, etc. And that is the beautiful part…

I’ll share with you one more thing…. I’m still writing the seventh day. 🙂  I hope to finish it by the time the sixth day emerges here… until then, I hope you keep reading!!

Hey, thanks for likes and follows!! Thanks for reading! More Likes and Comments are welcome! (Really, thank you!)

Peace and Poetry, 



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